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Leadership Presentation Skills

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Present like a leader. Master the art of presentations. ‘WOW” your audience.
A presentation course designed to help you:
  • Examine key speaking skills of great leaders
  • Eliminate negative speech habits
  • Improve voice projection
  • Use notes and PowerPoint effectively
  • Express ideas powerfully
  • Learn techniques to help combat the fear of public speaking

SpeechScience Public Speaking and Leadership Speaking Skills training combines speech and voice therapy techniques and media techniques to ensure fast, measurable, personalized and dynamic results for every participant.

Our proprietary courses and CD’s are used only by SpeechScience International, and combined with our exclusive coaching techniques provide 50-98% improvement for every client who completes our programs. 98% of our clients have achieved excellent measurable results in their speaking clarity, power, style and confidence.

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Designed by renown Executive Speech Coach and Speech Language Pathologist Bonnie Gross. Bonnie Gross has over 25 years of experience in speech pathology, voice training, writing and performing for radio and television. The combination of these experiences is what makes SpeechScience's programs strongly effective, unique, and always enjoyable.