Power and Leadership through VOICE

Learn How to Influence Others with your Voice and Speaking Style

Does the power of your voice influence others?

Award-winning and renowned CEO Bonnie Gross of SpeechScience International Inc. is delivering workshop that will teach you the secrets and tips of how great leaders, such as John F. Kennedy and Pierre Trudeau, have used their voice to exude power and leadership.  Ms. Gross will use a series of interactive exercises together with audio, video and computer bio-feedback technology to provide you with individual feedback on how to develop the voice of a leader.

Bonnie has successfully helped CEO’s, business people, lawyers, professors and actors become successful speakers, networkers and conversationalists through learning to develop the power of their voices.

What you will achieve?

  • Learn the secrets to using your voice to influence others and become a more effective speaker and presenter.
  • Learn how to hold the  attention of your audience through the power of your voice, words and tone
  • Learn to convey your message clearly
  • Be more confident when speaking at meetings and presentations
  • Use your voice as a powerful tool in public speaking
  • Make a memorable and positive first impression through your voice

Registration Information

Cost: $199. per person

Date: April 18, 2012

Time: 5 pm – 8 pm ( refreshments included)

Location: Downtown location- accessible to parking and subway

Contact today to register:

Phone – 416-323-3881

Email – Bonnie@speechscience.com

Fill out the request form on: www.speechscience.com

Powerful Communication, Innovative Techniques, Measurable Results