Are You Being Heard —–(Through The Glass Ceiling ) ?

Do you know for sure that your message comes across the way you WANT it to — when you make a speech or do a presentation? If you answered “ I’m not sure”, it may have a lot to do with the way you’re using your voice and your tone.

For example, when you’re nervous, you may hold your breath, causing the pitch of your voice to rise. The result is a shrill or tense voice and delivery. You may not even realize this is happening.These things happen subconsciously, and may even become habitual.

Another example is speaking with what I call “up” tone. This is a rise in pitch at the end of sentences — in a questioning tone. Honestly — it makes you sound unsure or less confident – even if you’re not!!
If you do use “ up “tone in your speech, make a conscious effort to let your voice drop down in pitch ( not volume) at the end of sentences. Practice this during your daily conversation so it becomes a habit., and breath out while you speak.

If you use the medium and deeper tones of your voice, you will be heard much more easily and your voice will sound more pleasant.

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