Avoiding Powerpoint Poison

How often have you attended a presentation—only to find that you are constantly reading slides that are too overcrowded with words? Makes you want to “tune out”, check your e mail, and read the notes later ( OR NOT) – right ?!

But – but you say –you need to  put everything on the slides so you wont forget anything? Or –you want to make sure the audience has ALL the information in front of them so THEY wont forget anything.

What’s wrong with this picture? ( literally)

Lets look at the purpose of the presentation –the purpose is for the presenter ( you are standing there for a reason) to give the audience the “headlines” and the vital information, and perhaps some opinions and rationale.. Invite them to ask questions or read the handout for further details.

Make your slides visual—not too many words – and a picture or graph when applicable.

Add humor or anecdotes when possible .A presentation can be entertaining too!

Don’t worry about including Everything – they will only remember 3 main points anyways. They will get Everything in the Q and A or handout.

If you forget something – no one will know or care. You can always interject your “forgotten” point later.

Last but not least—ENJOY YOURSELF. If you do – your audience will too.

Good luck! If you have any questions please e mail me at Bonnie@speechscience.com, and I will be happy to respond as soon as possible. Also, you can give me a call at 416-323-3881/New York – 1-877-939-3881, and visit our website – www.speechscience.com.

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