Be Heard Through The Glass Ceiling – Cluttering

Do people have difficulty understanding you when you speak? This issue may arise due to a little known problem — “Cluttering”.

Cluttering refers to a syndrome which includes habits such as speaking very quickly and dropping sounds and syllables, and lack of pausing between words and sentences.

Here’s the solution —

1 First is to identify whether you clutter or not. Record yourself and listen back, or ask someone you trust if they hear the habits mentioned above.

2 Practice speaking more slowly and make sure that you pronounce every consonant in each word. What do I mean by consonant? Consonants are all the sounds that you produce with your lips, your tongue and your teeth — such as p/t/l/r/s/etc. Pronounce every consonant. Once you get the idea, people won’t be saying to you, “Pardon”, nearly as often.

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