Be Heard Through The Glass Ceiling – Voice Projection

Have you ever been asked to speak more loudly when you are giving your opinion at a meeting, or giving a presentation? You may think that you are projecting your voice, — when in fact you’re not.

If your voice does not project and people have trouble hearing you, you may not be aware of it, and this may be a habit that started in childhood. Interestingly, if, when you were growing up, you were always told, “Keep your voice down”, or “don’t yell”, or “speak only when you’re spoken to,” and you responded by speaking quietly —lack of voice projection may be the beginning of a habit that continued into adulthood. Unfortunately, this habit is not beneficial when you have to “own the room”.

The solution is to first be aware of exactly how soft your voice really is — record yourself ( audio and video is best) , and listen back objectively. ( When you hear yourself back, it’s like hearing someone else. ) You’ll know if your voice doesn’t project.

The next time you speak at a meeting ,practice breathing out when you speak, and allow your voice to project naturally. don’t hold back! If you’re holding your breath because you’re tense, it will make your voice soft.

Try it the next time you give a speech —I think you’ll be really pleased.

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