Beyond Presentation Skills

Have you ever attended a presentation where everything was done just right – good topic, good slides, nice opening, middle and closing – but the presentation just didn’t hold your attention? And isn’t that true of most presentations?

So— what are the elements that separate the GOOD presenters from the GREAT ones ?

Remember—the purpose of the presentation is to persuade or motivate – not just to give information. Plan your remarks and accordingly.

You will hold the attention of your audience if you talk directly to them and involve them through  questions, anecdotes, your body language and  eye contact. Try not to depend on your notes. If you forget something no one will know or care – they will care, however, if you read or try to cram too much information into your presentation.

Your voice, as well as your remarks, delivers the message. Avoid a high pitched voice and use your natural deeper tones. Talk with lots of expression. Eliminate “up” tone ( that’s the questioning tone we associate with valley girl talk). You can do this simply by being aware of this habit and concentrating on changing it.

And now for your slides – who really cares about slides anyways? No one! YOU deliver the message. The slides are there to enhance YOU. Deliver a great speech and provide a terrific handout at the door.  Your audience will love you for it!

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