Executive Charisma – How to have “presence”

What is that extra “something” ,”Je ne sais quois” that makes you stare at another person, want to talk to them, be in their company, listen to their every word? Is it only looks (think Henry Kissinger)? Is it just wardrobe (think Johnny Depp)? I don’t think so. It’s charisma! Some people have it more than others – but you can develop YOUR charisma by following a few suggestions.

Walk tall – good posture goes a long way to making you look and walk confidently.

Look others in the eyes when talking to them—smile –nod—show you are interested,

Its all about them – show you are interested in others – ask questions about them or the topic they are discussing.

Research,  research, research. Before you give a speech, attend an event, or meet someone new- learn as much as you can about the topic or people involved. This will make your conversation interesting and confident.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Let’s say you mispronounce someone’s name, or you forget an important fact. It’s how you handle it that says “class” – not that you made it in the first place. If you make an error – just admit it with a confident voice and correct yourself; it will be forgotten instantly.

Wear clothes that really suit you – and fit perfectly ( ps – same goes for haircut). When you are wearing something you KNOW is flattering, you will walk, stand and move more confidently. One excellent suit or dress that flatters and is well cut is better than 3 less costly or poorly fitting ones. And —-shoes matter!!! Yes I know I’m a woman and somehow have genetically inherited the “shoe” gene – but the truth is, that you will look good, walk confidently, and be comfortable in a pair of very flattering well made shoes. And think about never feeling “the pinch” again. Much better to focus on other people or that  contract you want. One great pair, no matter how expensive is better than 3 for the same price. When shopping – always err on the side of perfect.

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