How to make fast progress?

  1. Make an appointment for our COMPLIMENTARY consultation – this is the first step towards taking charge of your improvement, and learning exactly how and how fast  you can become the confident speaker you have always wanted to be.
  2. Take advantage of our customized cd’s- created specifically for your business and social requirements. There will be no time wasted on packaged programs or study materials.
  3. We can create  a personal FAST TRACK PROGRAM that REALLY WORKS!. We will create a total program for you that can take 2 day, 3,4,5 or longer full days- to teach you everything you need to know to reach your goals- and we will make sure you reach these goals while you are with us.
  4. Be brave! – Once you have learned new speaking techniques, use them as often as possible every day, in every situation. This is much faster than segregating “practice time” and regular speaking time during your day. You may feel uncomfortable doing this at first—but it will pay off in the short and long runs.
  5. Practice your new techniques daily in the exact methods we teach you. These techniques have been tried and true for more than  30 years of experience. Remember – 10 minutes of the “right” practice daily is often more effective than 30 minutes of the “wrong” practice.
  6. Use audio, video or computer feedback- and you will see your improvement, and the areas needing improvement quickly and easily. Sometimes this can be “ painful” – but once you have observed yourself—you will be much more able to make improvements in your daily life.

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