How To Pronounce ‘a’

Did you know that there are a number of different ways to spell the sound “a”, such as in ‘all’, ‘top’, ‘caught’, and ‘draw’. You’ll notice that each of those words is spelled in a different way, but the “a” sound is always the same.

If you learned English from a British teacher, you’re used to saying the sound “o”, as in “ol” for “all”, however in North America, we don’t have the sound “o”. If you use it here, it sounds a little strange to us. For the word that you’ll be using the British “o”, just change it to “a”, and you’ll be perfect every time.

I’ll give you some examples of the sound “a”. Sometimes, its spelled with an ‘a’. How do you know when it is the ‘a’ sound? You just have to learn it. There’s no way you could tell by looking at the word, but try these words: ‘all’, ‘always’, ‘also’, ‘on’, ‘although’, ‘tall’. Sometimes, we spell it with an ‘o’ as in ‘not’, ‘along’, ‘across’. Sometimes, ‘a’ is spelled with an ‘–ough’, as in ‘bought’, ‘brought’, and ‘caught’. Sometimes, you spell it as ‘-aw’ as in ‘draw’, ‘law’, or ‘claw’.

Even though “a” may be difficult to pronounce, once you get good at it, it will make your English much clearer and you’ll be very happy with the result.

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