In today’s world, more and more business communication takes place via  webinar and teleconferencing. Consequently, the way you speak, your pacing and tone, the sound of your voice and your pronunciation, all become more important, especially because we don’t have other communication cues, such as body language facial expression and eye contact to help deliver a powerful message. So how do you sound your best in these situations?

1: Always be prepared.  It takes a little more preparation for a conference call or webinar —but it’s really worth it. Write down and memorize your opening comments.. List the things you want to say.  have these notes in front of you or on a teleprompter for webinars to help keep you on track                    

2. Always make notes during a call. Taking notes will remind you of things that you want to say or may have forgotten to mention previously, or questions you want to address.

3. If you are the leader of a  phone meeting, you should outline the protocol at the beginning of the meeting —, such as giving each person a few minutes to speak, followed by a brainstorming session, followed by a vote.  This will stop people from just brainstorming throughout the whole thing, you losing control.

4. Also, make sure that you do a voice check prior to the meeting to make sure that everyone can be heard, and to allow for  volume or camera adjustments if necessary. This will make communication a lot easier right from the start. Try it!

5. If you have a foreign accent – speak a little more slowly , project your voice, and use lots of intonation – so that your message is immediately understood. use the skills you may have learned in a pronunciation course, and memorize the correct pronunciation of key words before the meeting.

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