This blog is not about politics.  However, it is about what makes Barak Obama an excellent public speaker.  Whether you like him or not, or agree with his politics or not, he is a very inspiring and good public speaker.  You can always learn a few tips to make yourself a better public speaker, too.

Obama repeats key words and phrases.  For example, his most famous phrase is “Yes we can.”  This a very powerful three-word phrase, and he repeated it over and over again in all of his campaign speeches.  He deliberately put this message into the minds of his listeners – and it worked!

Now, what’s your message?  If you have a speech to give, you can repeat the key message that you want deliver as well.  For example, if you’re giving a quarterly report, you might have a line such as “We increased our sales by 80% this quarter,” or “We did well, but we can do better.”  By delivering your message at the beginning, middle and end of your speech, people will be more likely to remember you and your message.

Obama also personalizes his message.  For example, rather than saying something like “The meetings worked out well, and the situation was resolved,” he would say something like, “We participated in the meetings.  We debated the pros and cons, and we resolved the situation.”  Notice how he repeats the word “we” and shows that there was personal involvement, as opposed to speaking in the third person which is just giving information.

Next time you deliver a speech, try using these tips and see how you leave a lasting impression on your audience.


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