Public Speaking– WHAT’S WORRYING YOU ?

Have you ever stopped and answered the question “what is it that actually worries you about public speaking?” 

I ask this question all the time– here is the usual answer– and solutions.

“I might forget something.” or “I will lose track of my place.”

Solution – if you forget something, the audience will never know if you have an outline of your speech in front of you-and you glance down at it to find your place, and just continue. Remember to print large and don’t make it too detailed– so that you can easily keep track of your place. Don’t rely on only the slides to keep you on track, and never make the slides too detailed. If you omit something important – simply tell the audience with a CONFIDENT VOICE- ” and here’s one more important thing —-etc.” You may find that this tip may help you to calm your fears about public speaking. Try this and see how you do.


Bonnie Gross B.A., D.S.P.A., SLP.

President, SpeechScience International, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Voice Transformer

Bonnie Gross is currently the President of SPEECH SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL – a company devoted to helping individuals become dynamic, influential speakers and communicators, through training, in voice enhancement, fearless public speaking, leadership speaking skills, VOCAL EQ. and accent reduction.  Bonnie gradated from the University of Toronto with a BA in Psychology, and a postgraduate DSPA in Speech Pathology and Audiology. With a dual career in both Speech Pathology and Radio and Television Arts, Bonnie is able to transform individuals into dynamic, persuasive, exciting speakers.

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