Successful Interviews

Imagine you are interviewing candidates for your next business associate. You narrow it down to the best resumes- they are all equally qualified, and make appointments to see people every hour for 1 full day. People come and go, and you realize that 1 or 2 seem better than the rest. What are those factors that can positively influence the positive impression you need to make ?

1 Enter the room with confidence – upright posture, eye contact, smile, firm handshake.

2 Don’t you just hate the question “ tell me about yourself”? It’s good to come in with something prepared – not more than 3-4 sentences. Remember—the interviewer doesn’t want your life story – the purpose of the question is: 1 For the interviewer to get e sense of your personality, Because he/she doesn’t know what else to say first. Make 1 or 2 of these sentences what is important to you regarding the job you’re interviewing for. 

3 When you speak – absolutely do not speak with “up” tone – you know, the tone that sounds like you are always asking a question. This makes you sound not confident.

4 Speak with enthusiasm – if you sound enthusiastic about the position, the interviewer will be enthusiastic about YOU.

5 If you feel nervous – try taking a few breaths using your diaphragm. This will not only relax you, but also enhance your voice. And remember—never hold your breath – it will contribute to a feeling of tension in the room.

6 Don’t worry about making a mistake- just say you don’t know the answer with a confident voice – and you will get the information within a certain no of hours – whatever time is appropriate. Then – make sure you follow through. It’s the follow through that’s important – not the mistake.


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