Virtual Communication: Make Your “Web Personality” Exciting

Did you know that in the corporate world today – more and more communication, training, and meetings are done in the form of webinars, via Skype or similar programs, or videoconferencing. One interesting story about this comes to mind – my husband, who is a lawyer in a downtown Toronto firm, tried to set up a meeting with a colleague in a firm across the street.  My husband ( being of the age of live communication) suggested that he would just walk across the street to his office. The colleague ( younger) absolutely refused and insisted they meet via Skype. Impossible ? No – true! Whether we like it or not – web meetings are the corporate communication style of choice these days – so we all need to learn not only how to be technically savvy ( the easy part), but also how to capture and maintain an audience, deliver your message, persuade your listeners and keep them begging for more. Virtually!

Here’s how to do it:

Speak in a conversational tone, and use conversational language.

Use your eyes, smile and body language.

Speak with energy and enthusiasm – its catchy. If you sound enthusiastic about your topic , the audience will too.

Visualize the audience – behind that little camera “box” are many people watching and listening – they WANT to engage with you.

Mistakes are ok – you are human – people will still listen to your message and relate to you. Don’t try so hard to avoid errors that you become stiff.

If you are prerecording – do 2 or 3 “takes” and pick the best one.

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I look forward to talking to you via, phone, skype, e mail or even live.

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