Voice and Sex Appeal

Imagine this: – you enter a room full of strangers and look around. You see a great looking man/ woman and are instantly attracted. You make your way causally to his/her side and introduce yourself. The object of your attraction gazes at you— smiles—–and speaks to you.—– the whole image is shattered, — his/her voice is high pitched, nasal and whiny (think Woody Allen or valley girl).

Appeal is as much about your voice as it is about your looks. Here’s how to have an attractive voice that will attract your listeners TO YOU.

-always breathe out when you speak – don’t hold your breath.

– use the natural deep tones of your voice as much as possible.

-let your personality shine through your voice—use lots of variety of expression.

-speak at a normal pace – talking fast will clutter your words, and talking too slowly can be booooring.

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