What is your Vocal EQ

The instant we hear someone’s voice – we make an immediate subconscious judgment about them. Are they young or old, confident or anxious, relaxed or nervous, sincere or insincere, etc. Did you know that you can influence people to want to listen, take you seriously, admire you, and want to hear more by improving your vocal EQ.

Vocal EQ is the ability to subconsciously influence your listeners through the sound of your voice, pacing and tone.

The first step is to identify the positive and negative aspects of your voice and speaking style. For example:

Pitch – is your voice high or low pitched?  

Volume – is your voice too loud, too soft or just right?

Voice quality – is your voice rough or smooth, scratchy or mellow, nasal or

Intonation – do you constantly use “up” tone ie ask a question with your voice at the end of sentences. Are you monotone, or do you use lots of expression?

Pacing – do you speak too fast? Too slow? Or just right!

Next – make a conscious effort to improve each of these areas one by one. Working on them one at a time allows you to focus. it also means you get use to one improvement at a time, which will feel more like “yourself” and ultimately give you a better result.   Record yourself and listen back – do you sound more interesting? More resonant ? Listen to speakers you admire and be conscious of the above points . Remember—always be yourself – even though you may want to sound like Barak Obama- this style may or suit your personality. You can change in all the areas mentioned here in ways that are comfortable and suitable for YOU.

Don’t be afraid to practice WITH people. How can you tell if you’re improving?

People won’t turn away or check their e mail while you are talking.

They will ask questions and engage in conversation with you.

You may even get a compliment on the sound of your voice! And if this happens – please let me know!

Good luck! If you have any questions please e mail me at Bonnie@speechscience.com, and I will be happy to respond as soon as possible. Also, you can give me a call at 416-323-3881/New York – 1-877-939-3881, and visit our website – www.speechscience.com.

I look forward to talking to you via, phone, skype, e mail or even live.

“See” you soon,


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