Your VOICE is MORE Than Your Vocal Cords

You may be surprised to know that the sound of your voice does not come only from the vibration of your vocal cords, –  it is affected by your breathing, your chest and nasal resonance,  the tension or relaxation of the muscles around your throat, as well as your mood or emotional state. So — breathe deeply, let your voice “echo” in your chest, and relax your throat for a beautiful voice. Also -take note of your mood -if you have just had an argument, or you are worrying about something important in your life, you may unwittingly hold  your breath when you speak, breathe shallow, or tighten  the muscles in your throat without realizing it.  All of these subconscious habits will negatively impact your voice. So take a deep breath and see how the sound of your voice becomes better and more beautiful.

Bonnie Gross B.A., D.S.P.A., SLP.

President, SpeechScience International, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Voice Transformer

Bonnie Gross is currently the President of SPEECH SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL – a company devoted to helping individuals become dynamic, influential speakers and communicators, through training, in voice enhancement, fearless public speaking, leadership speaking skills, VOCAL EQ. and accent reduction.  Bonnie gradated from the University of Toronto with a BA in Psychology, and a postgraduate DSPA in Speech Pathology and Audiology. With a dual career in both Speech Pathology and Radio and Television Arts, Bonnie is able to transform individuals into dynamic, persuasive, exciting speakers.


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