Your Wedding Speech – Memorable or Mayhem

“Thank you all for coming to our wedding. Id like to thank my new in-laws for giving me my new wife, all of my friends who have come from Hong Kong, Hamilton, Florida, India, Portland, and other places too numerous to mention, but l will try —England, Port Antonio Jamaica, St Tropez, etc. I’d also like to thank my new business associates at CIBC – you are all here for me – I’m so pleased to have all 100 of you join me for this most intimate moment of my life. I hope to bring in as much business as possible through  my contacts and my father’s contacts – and I plan  starting tomorrow – you can believe it. Blah, blah blah.”

Are you squirming yet? Are you checking your e mail? Running off to the washroom?

Believe it or not—this wedding speech is not uncommon. However – you can not only avoid boring everyone to death, you can make a memorable speech at this special occasion, with these tips:

1               Make it short – and make it special. A short special speech is better than a long special speech anyways.

2               Start with something different. For example – you can start with an anecdote ( short and not embarrassing) about how/where you met, the power of fate, how your life is about to change ( for the positive). Everyone starts with” thank you for coming”, why don’t you capture your audience first, and save “ thank you” till the end.

3               Instead  of listing the good qualities of your spouse – tell them about why you are a great COUPLE.  It may be that you are opposites that complement each other.

4               Say your “thank you’s” at the end – and make them short.

5               Keep business out of it – business is business, and this is personal.

6               Middle – say everything that is important to you. Write it down, then cut it down to 1/3 of the time. Make the whole speech 3 minutes tops.

End with something warm and memorable – instead of simply saying “ thank you all for coming” , you could say WHY its special that they came. For example, “ Everyone in this room has made our lives special for so many years and in so many ways,—-you have  given us love, support, and friendship- things that money can never buy. From this night on. we look forward  to sharing our lives with you in  all the years to come. Your presence tonight  makes this occasion more special than ever. Thank you all!

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