Computerized Speech Lab


  • See and hear your speech and voice patterns
  • Measure your improvement
  • Improve immediately
  • Take your results home to review on your computer

This excellent multifaceted computer program is used for audio and visual feedback and enhances the learning and results of all of our programs.

Real-Time Pitch

  • Stress, timing, intonation patterns, as well as target pitch and/or voice projection during conversation can be seen exactly as they are spoken.
  • Speech samples can be compared both graphically (using split screen) and quantitatively.


  • Immediately see and hear if your pronunciation of specific sounds is perfect.
  • Compare your pronunciation to the instructor’s.

Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP)

  • The MDVP graph provides a useful snapshot of your voice quality.
  • You see immediate visual feedback of critical speech/voice patterns and habits
  • You hear immediate auditory feedback of your voice
  • Enhance pronunciation training
  • Receive instant analysis of your speech and voice

Real-Time Spectrogram

  • Used for pronunciation training. and for voice “typing”.
  • Speeds progress.
  • Improves training
  • Immediately see and hear and correct your errors.