Executive Communication Skills

Persuasion and Power through Voice and Speaking Style

What Sets this Training Apart?

Private customized sessions with an industry leading coach. Each session will be targeted to your specific requirements.

Access to cutting edge training technology including audio, video and computer biofeedback tools.

Accountability — we don’t just promise results. Your progress will be measured and recorded on a regular basis with clear performance metrics.

Full range of communication skills will be covered, including presentation skills, vocal training, communication strategies and more.

Go at your own pace, on your own schedule — set up a program uniquely suited to your needs and schedule requirements. On average the program can range from 12 to 24 private sessions.

Customized Private Coaching Sessions

Bonnie Gross, the award-winning voice and communication coach will teach you the key communication skills used by renowned leaders such as John F. Kennedy and Steve Jobs, who have used their voices and speaking style to exude power and influence.

Bonnie has successfully transformed the leadership speaking and presentation skills of CEOs, business people, lawyers and professors. She can do the same for you!

You will begin with a speech check to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Based on the results of this analysis and assessment, each session will be customized to your needs.

Topics Covered in these Private Coaching Sessions Include:

  •   Improving general speaking skills — pronunciation and pacing. English communication skills and accent reduction (where applicable)
  •   Capturing your audience and speaking with impact
  •   Overcoming the fear of public speaking
  •   Learning to create a message that will influence your listeners
  •   Vocal training — speak with a strong and projected voice.
  •   Communication strategies — use intonation and expression to deliver a powerful message
  •   Identifying and removing existing barriers to effective communication.
  •   Personal communication skills
  •   Business and management communication skills
  •   NEW — “Virtual” communication skills — how to speak effectively and persuasively in webinars and conference calls
  •   Non-verbal communication skills
  •   Networking skills
  •   Interview skills
  •   Speaking assertively

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