Is it possible to lose my fear of public speaking?
Yes. Did you know that fear of public speaking is the biggest fear of all time—bigger than death!! You are not alone. However — There are very specific methods you can use to reduce this fear.

Can I become an admired and effective public speaker?
Yes. You can become a MUCH BETTER AND MORE INTERESTING PUBLIC SPEAKER THAN YOU ARE TODAY. Most people focus on making great power point slides, and making sure not to forget anything. Our courses focus on YOU – and how you can look and sound confident, relaxed and powerful.

How can I  sound  more like an executive and more authoritative ?
By learning techniques to improve your voice, and how to deliver an effective message.

How long will it take to improve my pronunciation and accent?
You will start to improve after the first session. However it generally takes from 3 months to 1 year to make significant improvements.

Are group courses as effective as one-on-one training?
Yes. Our courses are timed appropriately for successful results, and we keep the groups small so that each person receives individual feedback at every session.

Can I sound like a native English Speaking through your accent programs?
If you work at it – you may be able to achieve this goal. However, it is our opinion that having an accent is part of your identity, culture and heritage. You can be proud of your accent!!– it shows people you are bi or tri lingual. We will teach you how to sound clear and confident in English at all times, so that pronunciation or intonation difficulty never becomes a barrier to your communication.

Can I improve the sound of my voice so that others “ take me seriously” and I sound confident?

Are you and your associates Registered Speech Pathologists ?
Yes. Please ask us if your speech therapy program qualifies you for insurance coverage to help cover the cost you’re your SpeechScience sessions.