Public Speaking Training – Leadership Presentation Skills!

Speak like a leader. Persuade your audience.

Why You Need This Course:

  •  Do you panic each time your boss asks you to make a presentation?
  •  Do you find it difficult to engage your audience?
  •  Do you worry that you will forget what you intended to say?
  •  Do you have too many notes and slides when you present?

Learn the Skills of the Pros and Never be Afraid to Speak Up Again!

With SpeechScience you will learn the key speaking skills of great public speakers, such as John F. Kennedy and Steve Jobs, who have used their voices and speaking style to exude power and influence.

You will learn to conquer panic, engage your audience and to speak with confidence.

What Sets Our Training Apart?

Innovative Technologies for Instant Feedback: We use computer based bio-feedback and other audio/visual tools to allow accurate measurement of your progress through all stages of the course.

Unique Presentation Approach: Unlike other presentation skill courses on the market, we teach you specific techniques on how to strategize your message and how to structure a dynamic presentation.

Bonnie Gross brought in 20 years of radio and television experience and has developed a truly effective program designed to make you capture and hold attention of the audience each time you present.

Our instructors are registered Speech Language Pathologists and can help you to permanently eliminate negative speech and voice patterns, such as stuttering, cluttering, poor vocal projection and more.

Our Training Includes the Following Components:

  •   Learn relaxation techniques to overcome fear of public speaking
  •   Capture and hold the attention of your audience
  •   Eliminate negative speech habits such as “um”, “up” tone, cluttering etc.
  •   Express your ideas powerfully
  •   Improve your voice projection
  •   Use notes and PowerPoint effectively
  •   Learn to be a great  “virtual” speaker on conference calls and webinars

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