Reduce Your Accent & Improve Your English Pronunciation!

Speak English with Clarity and Confidence

What Sets SpeechScience Pronunciation Training Apart?

Courses are Customized to Your Native Language: We offer tailored courses for specific accents including all East Indian accents, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and all Eastern European Languages.

Exclusive Computerized Speech Lab: We use innovative technologies that include computerized speech lab, allowing us to hear and compare your accent to that of a native speaker.

Guaranteed Measurable Results: We use proprietary assessment techniques to measure your progress throughout the program to get an accurate picture of your results.

Experienced Instructors: The program is taught by registered Speech Language Pathologists with many years of experience.

Choose Your Course Formant: Our programs are available in Group, Individual and Intensive formats, to suit your budget and requirements.

Did you know that if others don’t understand you the first time you speak, it is usually not a problem with your English? The issue frequently lies in the incorrect pronunciation, choppy words, sentence rhythm or lack of voice projection.

At SpeechScience we understand the communication difficulties experienced by people for whom English is not a native language, and have developed multiple strategies to help overcome these difficulties.

With the SpeechScience Training You Will:

  •   Improve your English pronunciation and sound more like a native speaker
  •   Speak in smoother, more fluent English
  •   Develop smoother and more fluent speech pattern
  •   Improve your general communication skills
  •   Be heard and understood!

The Accent Reduction Course Includes:

  • Phonetic pronunciation
  • Listening skills
  • Word stress and rhythm
  • Sentence rhythm and intonation
  • Voice projection improvement
  • learn to pronounce new words
  • Pacing
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Practical tips for successful meetings
  • Practical tips for starting and continuing English conversations

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