SpeechScience “on-demand”

Do you have an important meeting, speech or presentation coming up?


SpeechScience “On-Demand “ is a short term, performance- oriented program, focusing on crafting your important message, and delivering that message with a lasting impact.


SpeechScience on-demand will:

  • Work with you to craft your message
  • Ensure that your message is powerful and convincing
  • Assess your skills in delivering your message
  • Rehearse your speech
  • Work with you to speak naturally, confidently and persuasively
  • Provide feedback and coaching on your style of delivery, body language, tone, projection etc.
  • Meet your deadline


To Register

Call us at 416-800-6250 or email: bonnie (at) speechscience (dot) com


Fill in this form and we will contact you within 24 hours:


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