Voice Training and Speech Therapy

Develop clear, projected and resonant voice!

What Differentiates Our Voice Training & Speech Therapy Programs:

Measurable Results: We don’t make empty promises! We provide a through progress evaluation and measurable results based on our bio-feedback and audio/visual technologies.

Media Experience: Bonnie has incorporated her professional knowledge of the media industry requirements based on her extensive experience as a writer and host of numerous TV and radio programs.

We Meet Your Deadlines: we understand that actors, singers and professional speakers have specific time sensitive requirements, and we adjust the program to fit your needs and schedules.

Experienced Professional Instructors: all of our instructors are registered Speech Language Pathologists and are personally trained and mentored by Bonnie.

Personalized Approach: Our programs are custom tailored to meet your specific requirements.

This Course is For You, If:

  • Your tone is not confident or persuasive
  • You pitch is too high or too low
  • Your voice doesn’t project and listeners can’t hear you
  • You would like to have more power and resonance in your voice
  • Your throat feels sore after speaking, singing or acting

If any of these apply to you, SpeechScience is the program for you!

Bonnie Gross, the CEO of SpeechScience and a registered Speech Language Pathologist, has over 25 years of experience in working with clients to develop their best voice. Bonnie has helped business professionals, actors and professional singers such as Measha Brueggergosman.

The program will permanently overcome your voice problems by teaching you to:

  • retrain your breathing patterns
  • relax and open up your throat
  • correct your pitch range and resonance
  • eliminate problems such as vocal cord polyps, nodes, nasality and chronic hoarseness

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